In-Use Vehicle Procurement

All vehicle manufacturers are required by EPA/CARB to perform emission testing on privately owned vehicles within specific mileage ranges to ensure that the pollutants the vehicles emit are within the allowed limits.

Manufacturers may also conduct their own testing programs as part of their on-going commitment to product improvement.  All parts of the vehicle may be evaluated, but often the vehicle’s emission performance is the focus of the testing.

Should you receive a letter from Boshart, then your vehicle has been chosen as a potential candidate for this program and may be selected for evaluation.

If you’re a potential candidate for this testing, and have questions that may not be covered in the letter you received; the following FAQ section may answer your questions.  You’re also always welcome to email us:

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How will I know if my vehicle has been selected for testing?

A: Boshart will contact randomly selected vehicle owners and ask specific questions regarding their vehicle’s history. This is done to ensure the vehicle meets all required criteria.

If all criteria are met, an appointment will be made to procure your vehicle. The appointment time and place will be at your convenience.

Q: How long will my vehicle be gone?

A: Depending on the type of testing your vehicle has been chosen for, the testing timeframe is approximately 1-4 weeks.

Q: Will there be any hidden/additional costs that I will incur?

A: No. There will never be any cost or charges for participation.

Q: Will my vehicle be insured while you have it?

A: Yes. Your vehicle is fully insured by both Boshart and the Manufacturer; whoever has physical possession of your vehicle will be the insurer.

Q: Is the Loaner/Rental vehicle fully insured or do I have to cover it under my Insurance Policy?

The Loaner/Rental vehicle you receive is fully insured. However, should you be at fault for an accident or damage, your insurance policy will be liable.

Q: What will happen when Boshart Automototive Testing Services picks up my vehicle?

A: When the Boshart  driver/tech arrives for your appointment, he will be driving the loaner/rental vehicle that you will be using while your vehicle is being tested. The vehicle will be filled with fuel.

The driver/tech will then thoroughly inspect you vehicle inside and out, noting any damage on a “vehicle inspection form.”  He will also take photos of your vehicle for documentation purposes. When the inspection is complete, you will sign the inspection form.

You will sign and initial several documents stating you agree to have your vehicle tested and agree to the incentive amount shown on the document. You will receive your incentive check when your vehicle is returned to you at the end of testing.

Q: What happens when my vehicle is tested?

A: Vehicles will be tested indoors in a controlled environment on a chassis dynamometer (a treadmill-like device for your car), which is specifically calibrated to simulate normal driving conditions. Depending on the type of testing being conducted, approximately 100-200 “TEST” miles will be placed on your vehicle (this does not include the mileage accumulated during the pickup, delivery and return of your vehicle).

Q: Will any of the work performed on my vehicle affect the warranty or lease?

A: If your vehicle is leased, the mileage placed on your vehicle WILL go towards the total miles allowed on your lease. However, many customers tell us they have saved miles as those placed on their vehicle during testing were less than they would have normally driven. If it is found that any emission related part needs to be replaced. the parts will be replaced with manufacturer-approved parts and installed either at the test lab or at a dealership of the Manufacturer’s choosing. There will be no affect to your warranty.

Q: What happens if I have a problem with my loaner vehicle?

A: If you have a rental vehicle from Enterprise Rent a Car, call the emergency number on the back of your pink rental agreement you received (usually 1-800-307-6666).  If further help is needed, please call the Boshart Engineering Office that delivered the car to you.  If you have a fleet vehicle from the manufacturer, you will also need to call the Boshart Office that brought you the loaner vehicle. Click Here to Contact Us

Q. If I participate, will my personal information be sold or given to any other business?

A: No. Only Boshart and the automobile manufacturer performing the testing  have access to your information.

Q. Will you ever call me and/or try to sell me something?

A:No. We serve as the liaison between you and the manufacturer’s research and development office.  We do not sell any products.

Q. No one I‘ve talked to has heard of this testing. Even my Dealer doesn’t know about this.

A.Most people have never heard of Government regulations as they relate to exhaust emissions.”  To learn more, here is the link: This link will take you directly to the “Code of Federal Regulations” as it pertains to exhaust emissions.

Q. Will my car be driven by anyone other than the Boshart Driver Technicians?

A. No.  The vehicle is on the road only from the point of pick-up to delivery at the manufacturer’s testing facility.  There it is driven on a test dynamometer.  Following emission testing, the vehicle will be returned to you freshly washed and with a full tank of gas.

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