OBD testing

On Board Diagnostics / Engine Management Systems services include:

  • Data acquisition for engineering development, validation, and compliance
  • Production vehicle evaluation testing – PVET
  • Driveability pattern evaluations and surveys to determine the feasibility of specific enable conditions and vehicle usage patterns
  • In-Use vehicle field data collection
  • OBD-II consulting and CARB liaison services

Boshart’s OBD services are an invaluable asset to OEMs around the world, providing thorough testing that instills confidence from design through approval. Boshart’s convenient Southern California headquarters allows us to test vehicles in the exact climates and conditions that inspired the OBD-II regulations. Going beyond the inherent geographical advantages, Boshart’s extensive knowledge and experience with OBD systems is what gives our customers peace of mind that their OBD designs and systems will stand up to the scrutiny of CARB and the demanding performance requirements of their customers.

Download OBD-II One Sheet