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Retooling Auto Repair Education

The thirty-year old pendulum swing in education toward a four-year college degree has left the auto repair industry without enough qualified technicians in the workplace and fewer and fewer students seeking an automotive based education. At a time when demand for qualified technicians exceeds supply, industry educators are sounding the alarm. They want owners of […]

A CO2 Watch from the Sky

In July of this year NASA sent a rebuilt Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) into orbit to better understand where CO2 is coming from and being absorbed on Earth. Three spectrometers aboard OCO-2, measuring intensities of small wave length bands, will determine absorption levels of CO2 from the same location and time over a span of […]

Update to On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) Rate-Based Data Report Templates

The OBD II gasoline and diesel rate-based data report templates have been updated. The OBD II regulation, specifically section 1968.2(j)(3), requires manufacturers to submit rate-based data to ARB indicating the in-use monitoring performance of the major OBD II monitors on their in-use vehicles. Manufacturers are required to use these updated templates for all rate-based data […]

CARB Offers New Flexibility Options on California’s Truck and Bus Regulation

The California Air Resources Board recently announced new changes to California’s Truck and Bus Regulation. Their press release appears below. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 6, 2014  |  NEWS RELEASE 14-16 ARB unveils proposed changes to California’s Truck and Bus Regulation Board will offer new flexibility options while still protecting air quality SACRAMENTO – The California […]